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Cloud Computing

Elite Cloud represents the most complete cloud computing and storage space services and has a professional integrated technical team. Provide professional cloud services such as cloud storage, cloud hosting, database, AI, big data, etc. to introduce the most comprehensive cloud computing to enterprises.

Our Services

Our Services

Elite Cloud offers professional cloud computing solutions, enabling enterprises to achieve digital transformation, enhance business efficiency, and foster innovation through flexible cloud infrastructure and real-time service delivery.

Cloud computing

Elite Cloud offers secure and reliable cloud database solutions, supporting enterprises in data storage, management, and analysis, enabling data-driven business decisions and innovative applications.


Elite Cloud offers high-performance VPS services, delivering flexible and scalable virtual server environments for enterprises to easily deploy, manage, and optimize applications, facilitating rapid business growth.


Elite Cloud offers high-performance caching and database services based on Redis, delivering fast, scalable, and highly available data storage solutions for clients, empowering cloud applications to achieve outstanding performance and efficiency.


Elite Cloud offers flexible and scalable cloud storage services, assisting clients in efficiently managing and storing data, addressing the growing demands of data, and supporting enterprises in digital transformation and innovative development in the digital age.



Elite Cloud offers advanced cloud AI services, leveraging cloud computing and big data analytics technologies to provide enterprises with powerful capabilities for intelligent decision support, customer experience optimization, and business innovation, helping clients stand out in the competitive market.


AWS Solution Provider

AWS advanced Tier Services


Google Cloud partner

Our Partner

  • What's the advantage of purchasing from Elite Cloud VS direct payment?
    Technical Support and Cost optimisation services, make sure the customer has the best cloud experience.
  • Why is it cheaper to partner with us?
    Because We Purchase A Massive Amount Of Cloud Service, We Are Able To Obtain A More Competitive Price.
  • Does it require migration, or is there any effect on my service?
    The Only Process Is Changing The Payment Organization. During This Process, There Won’t Be Any Service Disruption, And There’s No Downtime.
  • What about the privacy and security concern?
    The Root Account Is Owned By The Clients, So We Wouldn’t Have Access To Their Customer Accounts. We Can Only Access Billing Information.
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